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Thursday, May 20, 2010

[AUD] Phil Lesh and Phish Live at Warfield Theater on 04-16-1999

This show is every Grateful Dead and Phish fans wet dream!  Phil, Trey, & Page making musical history.  Ever wanted to hear Trey sing Jerry tunes?  Ever wanted to hear Phil jam chalkdust? Now you can have your wish.

Phil and Friend with members of Phish
Live at the Warfield Theater
San Fransisco, CA

Set I
1. Help on the Way (Trey) > Slipknot >
2. Franklin's Tower (Page)
3. Wish You Were Here
4. Tennessee Jed (Trey)
5. Stella Blue (instrumental; Kimmock on pedal steel)
6. Alligator
Set II
7. Bertha (with Donna)
8. Prince Caspian
9. St. Stephen >
10. The Eleven
11. Unbroken Chain
12. Chalkdust Torture
13. Mountains of the Moon(missing first few seconds)
14. Scarlet Begonias (with Donna) >
15. Fire on the Mountain (with Donna)
16. Donor Rap and Band Intro
17. Ripple (acoustic with Donna)


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  1. Phil & Friends AND Phish. What more could you want???