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Monday, June 21, 2010

[VID] Essential SNL Musical Performances (Round 4) [4 videos]

Round 4 brings us 4 great performances spanning 4 decades. Let's start it off with a story...
In early 1976, Lorne Michaels was trying desperately to get the Beatles to play SNL. First he offered them $2500 for 2 songs, then a month later $3000, and finally up to $3200(+food & hotels) for 3 songs. On Nov. 20th, George Harrison showed up at SNL and tried to claim all the money by himself, which Lorne Michaels happily agreed to, but NBC officials wouldn't OK it. This led to a sketch on the episode where George talks to Lorne about being paid "minimum wage."

George Harrison & Paul Simon
Here Comes the Sun and Homeward Bound
1976-11-20 (SNL s02e08)

Crazy Little Thing Called Love and Under Pressure
1982-09-25 (SNL s08-e01)

The Beastie Boys (and Elvis Costello)
Sabotage, Radio, Radio
1999-09-25 (SNL 25th Anniv.)

Pearl Jam
Just Breathe
2010-03-13 (SNL s35e17)

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