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Sunday, September 12, 2010

[AUD] Ben Gibbard at The Showbox on 5-21-2007

Ben Gibbard
The Showbox
Seattle, WA

1 Steadier Footing
2 We Will Become Sillouhettes
3 Why You'd Want to Live Here
4 Photobooth
5 I Was a Kalidescope
6 Title and Registration
7 Crooked Teeth
8 Dream of Evan and Chan
9 Passenger Seat
10 Soul Meets Body
11 We Looked Like Giants
12 It'll Be a Breeze (Roderick cover)
13 405
14 A Lack of Color
15 Farmer Chords> Brand New Colony
16 I'll Follow You Into the Dark
17 Blacking Out the Friction
18 All Apologies (Nirvana cover)
19 Sound Of Settling
20 Nothing Better
21 Such Great Heights

Source: SP-BMC-2> Radio Shack Headphone Volume Control> Sony MZ-NH700

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