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Friday, August 6, 2010

[AUD] Pert Near Sandstone at Horning's Hideout on 7-18-10

Pert Near Sandstone
9th Annual Northwest String Summit
Horning's Hideout
North Plains, Oregon

01 Pastor Tim Intro, [1:15]
02 Always Been A Rambler, [4:52]
03 Give The Fiddler a Dram, [6:10]
04 Just One Day, [6:09]
05 Stay All Night Don't Go Home, [6:16]
06 Going To Germany, [4:42]
07 Wild Bill Jones, [5:12]
08 Needle & Thread, [6:09]
09 Raleigh And Spencer, [7:01]

Nate Sipe: Fiddle & Mandolin
Kevin Kniebel: Banjo
J. Lenz: Guitar
Jeff Swanner: Upright Bass
Ryan Young: Fiddle
Andy Lambert: Clogs & Washboard

An extremely well-written review of the 2010 String Summit can be found on KindWeb which includes beautiful photography by Spady Photography.

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